Why Use Professional Emails in Your Company Instead of Free-Providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail…?

Emails today play a very significant role for a company. There are two major types of emails, and it is essential to distinguish between them. A professional email is the one that has your company’s name on it. These are a little expensive but extremely effective for your company’s reputation, and professional emails also benefit a company.

On the other hand, free-providers are emails that you avail using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Rocket mail, etc. While many businesses use free-providers, many prefer professional emails. We believe that it is better if a website has a professional email as it sets a good impression on collaborators and customers.

Therefore, this blog will state reasons why you should use professional emails in your company instead of free providers.

1.    Necessary professionalism

Professional emails are one of the first steps to leaving a good impression. It gives your company credibility and shows your genuineness as a business/startup. Customer psychology works in a way that they are always looking for legitimacy. Things like product reviews (positive ones), brief detailing about the company, and a professional email let a customer know that a company is no fraudulence.

2.    Utmost security

Security in online businesses matters a lot. There have been instances where either websites or free-provider emails get hacked. Even if your company’s email is not hacked, there is a potential threat that it could be. A little investment in your company’s professional email can save you from this threat. Moreover, when you get a professional email, it is hosted by a reputable business that hosts your domain name. Therefore, availing a professional email address secures your website with an SSL certificate and, eventually, your email address.

3.    Professionnal Emails addresss are easy to remember

A professional email has innumerable benefits, and one of them is that they are easy to remember. With a free-provider, customers usually tend to forget the email address. However, an email named after your business is much easier to remember both for the employees and the potential clients of your company.

4.    Branding made easier

We live in a world where digital marketing is one of the most demanded freelance skills. The increase in demand implies that there is a big chunk of people who want to turn their company’s name into a brand. A professional email is the first and foremost step towards digital marketing. Other strategies, such as social media presence, SEO, etc., come later. Therefore, a professional email makes marketing and the brand endorsement of your company and product simpler and hassle-free.

Essential features to look for in a professional business email-provider

  • Reliability
  • Integration
  • Advanced Features
  • Reputation
  • Security
  • Storage

Key takeaway

In conclusion, having a customized email is essential for your company. Be it security, management in appointments and tasks or easy working, an investment in a professional email can never go in vain. Lastly, a professional email gives a shape and a structure to your website and the company as a whole. So, get your professional emails ASAP!